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Once or twice in a decade a product emerges in the home improvement marketplace which really is at the beginning of its life cycle. Imagine the early days of conservatories, double-glazing and fitted kitchens – for a decade, simply being there was enough to secure good profits.

Today things are different, too many companies chasing too little business; price wars and wafer thin margins. It all makes you watery eyed for the good old days. Just imagine a marketplace with little competition, where the consumer is just switching on to the concept, and the idea of competitive quotes is a benefit rather than a drawback.

We believe Wonderlawn represents the return of these opportunistic times, but it’s more than just great products, marketing and support.

Wonderlawn have pioneered a unique operational system that requires no stock-holding and is great for cash flow. We provide all the materials and delivery to site, for a fixed rate.

Our business model allows prospective franchisees to do what they do best – sell and install. We remove the need for stock-holding, we manage material deliveries and even provide the consumables on consignment. All of this is designed to do one thing; improve cash flow and help generate profit.

Wonderlawn is a next generation, totally realistic artificial grass, which not only looks good but actually feels right underfoot. Our products are exclusive to us and based on hybrid yarns that find their roots in sport, combining the softness of a landscaping product with the resilience of those designed for real, active use.

wonderlawn - an artificial grass franchise

“The bottom line is that a Wonderlawn franchise offers you great profit opportunities for minimum outlay.”

Why choose Wonderlawn?

So the product has finally come of age, but who would want to replace real grass with an artificial replacement, no matter how good? The answer would appear to be almost anyone with a problem garden or specific life circumstances.

Below are listed some of the more common reasons for choosing a Wonderlawn artificial grass surface:

  • Householders who want to regain their leisure time – those families who do not enjoy the endless cycle of mowing, weeding, edge trimming and general maintenance
  • Homes in drought areas where hosepipe bans become the norm.
  • Families where the kids have “destroyed” the lawn or its simply too muddy to use
  • Householders where the owners have become too old or frail to keep their beloved garden
  • Homes where the family pet has ruined the lawn or can’t use it because of muddy paws etc
  • Schools and nurseries where they encourage the kids to play outside but the current grass proves unpractical
An artificial grass lawn franchise in the summer

No stock holding

We have pioneered a unique operational system that requires no stock holding and is great for cash-flow. We provide all the materials and delivery to site, for a fixed rate.

One of the main reasons the Wonderlawn franchise opportunity is so appealing is that entry costs are extremely low and the day to day administration is minimized.

You do not need to carry stock and at the point of order, we dispatch the materials you need. All your grass is cut to size, re-wrapped and shipped to you or your customer.

This system has a number of advantages including:

  • No initial investment in product
  • No wastage to manage or cost for
  • Only one supplier to deal with – Wonderlawn
  • Great for your cash flow
Artificial Grass Stock

Order processing and invoicing

From beginning to end the process is simple, you take the order and pass it to head office to process. Before installation the grass is delivered to you and the base materials to site.

You install as arranged and receive payment from your happy customer.

You will then receive your Wonderlawn invoice which is based on a fixed rate per square metre that includes everything.

  • No suppliers to deal with
  • No terms to agree
  • No accounts to set up
  • No cashflow to manage
simplifying your franchise business with Wonderlawn

The beauty of the system is that you pay Wonderlawn only when you have been paid by your customer.

Comprehensive installation

A fundamental part of our business is the installation process.

All franchisees receive comprehensive off and on-site training. This training is ongoing until the required standards have been met. All of our training teams have had years of experience in the installation of artificial grass – knowledge that is invaluable.

This will make sure that from day one, you minimise mistakes and maximise profit.

“Six months in and I can still pick up the phone and get some on-site help without an issue.”

Everything you need

As a Wonderlawn franchisee it is essential that you have all the necessary equipment to carry out the installation to the required standard.

Our franchise package includes some very specialised equipment, some of which is unique to Wonderlawn but absolutely essential for professional installation.

We ensure each franchise is equipped correctly with exactly what is needed.


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The bottom line is that Wonderlawn offers you great profit opportunities for minimum outlay.

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